Blizzard’s arena shooter Overwatch is set to be released next week. Blizzard has always had a knack for doing some interesting things leading up to the launch of their games, and Overwatch is no different. The developer is celebrating the release with some action figures – really, really big action figures.

overwatchBlizzard fan and twitter user RuzGofDi posted a picture on his feed of him standing next to one of the gigantic figures. And in true Blizzard fashion, the fine print on the back of these boxes is pretty hilarious. Here’s what it reads:

“While there is no physical or legal possibility to “play” with the giant figures, you can play as 21 different heroes in Overwatch, releasing on the 24th of May, 12:00 GMT, on major consoles and PC. CHOKING HAZARD: It is impossible to choke on the figures due to their large size. However, choking during an actual Overwatch match is possible and may result in last-minute defeats, shame, embarrassment and public ridicule, courtesy of your peers. Prices and participation will not vary. The figures are priceless, and participation is not possible.”

Shout out to Polygon for publishing this story.

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