May is turning into a big month for Fallout 4. The big 1.5 Update is expected to be released Friday for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Bethesda also just announced the release date for their largest DLC pack yet. Far Harbor is scheduled for release on May 19 for $25. Alternatively you can purchase the Fallout 4 Season Pass, which includes all the DLC packs for $50.

Far Harbor adds an entirely new area to Fallout 4. The story spins out of a mysterious case from Valentine’s Detective Agency involving a missing woman and an island shrouded in mist and radiation. The DLC has all the trappings you’d expect of a full-fledged expansion with new quests, settlements, enemies, dungeons, and loot.

The trailer shows off the much darker and more mysterious location while peppering in dramatic dialogue. The island involves multiple factions, including synths and the cult-like Children of the Atom. New enemies include giant mantis insects and mutated angler fish that lurk below the water in swamps.

Bethesda confirms it’s their largest DLC landmass ever. Bethesda’s previous record-holder was the Shivering Isles expansion for 2006’s The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. The island of the mad god represented a solid 25% of the size of Cyrodiil. Considering each new Bethesda RPG has grown in size you have the makings of a gigantic amount of content.

Far Harbor is the third DLC released for Fallout 4, and by far the largest. The first, Automatron, starred a new villain and series of quests. You could also customize your own robotic companion. Wasteland Workshop took some Pokémon inspirations in letting you capture and fight with live creatures, as well as adding some new settlement design options. Additional Fallout 4 DLC is expected throughout the year.

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