Pretty much all of the big gaming franchises have some sort of real life toy or collectible based on their universe. Halo is one of them. 343 Industries has long had an agreement with Mattel’s MEGA Bloks to create figures and vehicles from the game. But now, that agreement is expanding to include lots of new toys.

“The success we’ve seen with the Halo MEGA Bloks franchise over the years laid the foundation for this partnership,” said Bonnie Ross, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Head of 343 Industries in an official statement. “We’re excited to work with Mattel to bring innovative, quality and, most of all, fun products to old and new Halo fans alike.”

Mattel will continue to make Halo-themed MEGA Bloks sets, but will now make larger figures, toy versions of some of the weapons, a radio-controlled Warthog and more.

“We’re excited to expand our relationship with Halo and 343 Industries to create and collaborate on a broad range of multi-category toys and collectibles,” said Joe Lawandus, SVP of Design and Marketing, Toy Box at Mattel in an official statement. “From MEGA Bloks to blasters, action figures to radio controlled vehicles, our new line for 2016 features something for Halo fans everywhere.”

The Halo MEGA Bloks will be on display at the Toy Fair in New York this weekend. The other toys will be on display at the Mattel Collector’s Night as part of the the fair.


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