Hearthstone, the popular free-to-play card game from Blizzard Entertainment has received regular updates introducing new gameplay elements and cards. According to Polygon, the game is about to get a big update, the biggest the game has seen yet.

“The volume of feedback that we’ve been hearing is, ‘Hey, it’s getting more and more difficult to get my friends to play Hearthstone,'” lead designer Ben Brode told Polygon in an interview last week. “We really want each new thing that we release to really shake up the meta-game. It’s one of those things that very slowly, over time, it gets harder and harder to do that.”

The biggest change is the decision to split deck types into categories – wild and standard. Wild is the same as the game plays now. Standard will have different rules that don’t allow players to use certain cards, most notably none of the cards from the game’s first two single player expansions.

“Most of Hearthstone isn’t changing,” Brode said in the interview on Polygon. “You can still play Tavern Brawls with all your cards and solo adventures and challenge your friends and play in wild mode. We’re basically just adding a new way to play if you want a meta-game that changes more frequently or don’t have all the cards and want to get into a mode where you don’t feel like you have to go get every card ever made. That’s really what standard is for.”

The new expansion is coming some time this year, but an exact date hasn’t been given.

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