In an interview on Polygon today, Insomniac Games revealed their upcoming game, Song of the Deep. The developer had released a teaser trailer earlier this week with the promise of more information soon.

According to the interview, Song of the Deep follows a girl named Merryn. Her fisherman father has gone missing out to sea, so Merryn puts together a submarine of her own design and travels out to sea to find him.

“We get a lot of letters from fans, saying they identify with our characters,” said Brian Hastings, chief creative officer at Insomniac Games. in the interview He described Merryn as a heroine “defined by her will to go on in the face of impossible obstacles.”

Although there will be combat in the game, the focus will be on puzzle-solving. The gameplay will draw inspiration from the 2D side-scrolling games of yore such as Metroid or Castlevania. It also holds the same aesthetic as last year’s Ori and the Blind Forest.

But it will be more than a pretty picture. “We don’t want this to be just a world of beautiful background,” Hastings said. “We want it to be interactive, like a children’s science museum on an alien planet.”

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the game is that its being developed in partnership with GameStop, who despite their denials, are basically serving as a publisher for the game. They say the game will be released digitally and physically. The physical copies will be exclusive to GameStop. It wasn’t clear in the Polygon story whether GameStop would be controlling the digital release as well.

Song of the Deep is slated for release this summer.

Source: Polygon

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