A while back there was a tavern brawl event in Hearthstone that had players working together against a big boss. Players loved the co-op play, and now Blizzard has brought it back. This week’s Tavern Brawl works basically the same as the last one. The boss is the same (Mechazod), but players will have access to different heroes.

Last time the heroes were Priest and Paladin. That combination worked well because the priest could always heal someone, and there are quite a few Paladin cards that involve healing. This time it’s Malfurion and Medivh, Druid and Mage. These are two characters who don’t have much healing power, so the play style will have to involve doing lots of damage right away. There are some healing minions in the new decks, but the battle places a lot of emphasis on spell damage, so clearly you’ll need to be casting spells left and right to get the advantage in the game.

In case you didn’t know, Tavern Brawl is a game mode that runs Wednesday through Sunday every week. Tavern Brawl rules change every week. Sometimes a deck will be given to you and you have to figure out your strategy along the way. Other times you get to build your own deck. Winning a match in Tavern Brawl will give you one pack of classic cards. After that, winning matches just nets you bragging rights, but there are quests that reward you for winning a certain number of matches in the mode.

Co-op battles require you to know some of the strategies for both heroes in order to do well. These battles can be more fun because they give you a chance to play with your real-life friends instead of against them. If you want to check out this Tavern Brawl, you’ve got until Sunday.

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