In Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft you’re always playing against some one else. But in this week’s Tavern Brawl players will work together to take down Gearmaster Mechazod, who is very powerful.

That’s why you have to work together with someone. You can team up with strangers or you can invite your friends to the brawl. One of you will play Paladin, while the other will play as Priest. Your decks are pre-made for you. They’re stacked with lots of healing spells and minions, as well as minions that do something favorable every time a spell is cast. That’s because you’re going to need to heal a lot.mechazod hearthstone

According to the official Hearthstone blog, Mechazod has “an arsenal of gnasty gnomish inventions and he’s going to use every tool at his greasy fingertips to wreck you and your partner.” Those tools they mention are crazy spells like the Double Zap that does damage to both heroes. In my play sessions that damage was as high as 12 points. He also has Overclock, which raises his attack by 2. Perhaps the most frustrating thing, though is that he as the Rogue-specific Assassinate spell, as well as one that specifically destroys Lorewalker Cho.

The other catch to the Brawl, is that if one hero dies, you both lose. So healing each other is a key to doing well. Mechazod has taunt, so you’ll never accidentally damage your partner.

Hearthsone Tavern Brawls run Wednesday through Sunday. This Brawl is open to play now and will close Sunday night.

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