Pewdiepie, with the support of Disney, has started a new YouTube “network within a network.” It’s called Revelmode

A part of Disney’s Maker Studios, Revelmode brings together 9 YouTubers to create content that will include gaming, as well as original programming, charity, and community events.

The “talent squad” headed up by Pewdiepie includes Dodger, CutePieMarzia, Markiplier, Emma Blackery, Jacksepticeye, Kwebbelkop, Cinnamon Toast Ken, and Jelly.

“As a YouTuber, you may be more or less dependent on a network to make your living on YouTube,” Pewdiepie announced in a video. “I think networks can be something very positive for everyone one involved. They should be something that helps channels on YouTube grow, and reach their maximum potential.”

Though Revelmode will start small, with the nine YouTubers above, Pewdiepie expressed the hope that it might someday grow into something bigger.

“We do lose a little bit of hipster cred,” he said. “But […] if you’re just a fan, then you get to enjoy me and a bunch of other awesome YouTubers that I really like, making videos together.”

Last December, Gaby Dunn published a brutal piece on Fusion about the difficult reality of making money as a YouTuber. It’s a must-read to understand the economics of YouTube, and why networks like Revelmode exist.

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