One of the most beautiful games for the Wii was an action-adventure game based on Japanese folklore. The game is called Ōkami. Ōkami’s player character is a wolf who is also the Shinto sun god Amaterasu. She has the ability to draw various things into existence. When you play Ōkami on the Wii, you use the motion controller to draw gestures in the air that then turn into tools in the game to solve puzzles and battle enemies. Draw the wind, and it will blow. Draw the rain, and it will fall. 

Besides being an incredibly good game, Ōkami is also beautiful, with great character design. The main character, Amaterasu, is a pure white wolf adorned with red ink markings.

If you’re a big fan of Okami and Amaterasu, you might be interested to know that First 4 Figures is offering an Amaterasu action figure. “Amaterasu stands at 12 inches tall from the top of her Solar Reflector to the base and 17.5 inches long, making for a simply stunning display centerpiece for any Okami fan.”

Actually, there are two versions of the Ōkami figure–one Amaterasu lights up, and the other doesn’t.

Both statues will be released in Q3 2016.

The figures are beautiful and collectible, but be prepared to spend a lot of money—the regular version costs $349.99, and the exclusive light-up version is $384.99.


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