It’s that time again for the Forbes list that names young people who are notable achievers. The 2016 list includes 600 people under 30 in 20 different sectors, from food to commerce to health care—to video games.  

The 30 under 30 in the games category are:

  • Jordan Maron, cofounder of XREAL and YouTube personality (Captain Sparklez)
  • Alex Beachum, creative director at Mobius Digital
  • Finn Brice, founder of Chucklefish Limited
  • Tommaso Checchi, game developer at Mojang (Minecraft)
  • Adriaan de Jongh, independent game designer
  • Eefje Depoortere, eSports host at Riot Games
  • Andy Dudynsky, community manager at 343 Industries (Halo)
  • Mark Essen, cofounder of Messhof LLc
  • Carl-Arvid Ewerbring, Founder of Resolution Games
  • Christopher Floyd, cofounder of the Indie Megabooth (PAX)
  • Nina Freeman, game designer at Fullbright
  • Tyler Glaiel, owner of Eyebrow Interactive,
  • Devin Horsman, technical director at River Studios Canada
  • Meg Jayanth, writer
  • Ben Kane, cofounder of Steel Crate Games
  • Trent Kusters, cofounder of League of Geeks
  • Naomi Ladizinsky, chief creative office of Nix Hydra
  • Aradhya Malhotra, cofounder of Skyless Game Studios
  • Nate Mitchell, cofounder of Oculus VR
  • Zoe Quinn, Cofounder of Crash Override Network (which fights against online abuse)
  • Sonja Reid, independent content creator
  • David Rosen, CEO of Wolfire Games
  • Ashley Ruhl, cinematic designer at Telltale Games
  • Thomas Silloway, director of development, Psyonix
  • Andy Sum, cofounder of Hipster Whale (maker of Crossy Road)
  • Jordan Tyler, influencer relations manager at Twitch
  • Adriel Wallick, game developer, MsMinotaur
  • Gavan Wilhite, cofounder, Altspace VR
  • Lydia Winters, brand editor, Mojang
  • Matt Zitzmann, cofounder, Kamcord

The 2016 judges for the gaming list were Sean “Day[9]” Plott, an eSports caster; Brenda Romero, CEO of Loot Drop; and Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division.



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