In case you had any doubt that the Nintendo 3DS is alive and well, Famitsu recently published some sales data (via NeoGAF) showing that the handheld console has sold over 20 million units in Japan since February 2011. For comparison, the Wii U has sold less than 11 million units worldwide as of late October. 

These new numbers make the 3DS the fourth best-selling console in Japan’s history, kicking the Famicom/NES down to fifth.

The original Nintendo DS is still number one on the list, having sold 32.86 million units. Second and third are the Game Boy/Game Boy Color and the PlayStation 2 with 32.27 million and 21.98 million units sold, respectively.

This is notably only true in Japan–worldwide, the PlayStation 2 is in first place, with the Nintendo DS following closely behind.

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