Sony is going to help Stoic port The Banner Saga to the PlayStation Vita. The information came through Gio Corsi, Sony’s Director of Third Party Production and Developer Relations, who tweeted the good news.

While The Banner Saga’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are finished and ready to go, the Vita port was delayed due to problems with the original contractors. “[Stoic] had to put the Playstation Vita port on the back burner,” Stoic’s John Watson wrote on the forums. “I have been excited about the Vita port since day one, and I would love to see The Banner Saga running on my own Vita. The realities, however, of a very small team and a limited budget, put an immutable check on the speed of our progress. Stoic is composed of only 4 full time internal team members, all of which are currently working 100% on Banner Saga 2.”

Sony has stepped in with its own third-party production team, which was also responsible for the Ultra Street Fighter IV and Borderlands 2 ports, and will be absorbing some of the costs of finishing the Vita port.

The Banner Saga is a turn-based strategy role-playing game that evokes Scandinavia and the Vikings. The characters are traveling across a cold northern landscape on the run from the invading Dredge, an undead race who want to destroy everything.  The Banner Saga’s other console ports will hit markets January 12.

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