Have you ever wanted to date a pug? Like an actual pug. (The dog.)

If you haven’t, you’re probably a normal, average person, but if your curiosity is piqued, now you know you can do just that in a game. Hot Date is a pug speed dating sim from developer George Batchelor. It’s available on iOS today after being around for PC for a while, and it will cost you $1.99 in the iTunes App Store.

In Hot Date you’ll sit down with various pugs at a speed dating event. You’ll have a limited time to ask questions and bond (or not). The dating partners are randomly generated, so you’ll never know what mishmash of pug personality you’ll get. Some of them are truly horrible pugs.

The premise is kind of weird, but the pugs are cute, and it’s definitely meant to evoke laughter. It’s also not terribly raunchy–the game is rated 9+ for  infrequent mild mature/suggestive themes, and infrequent mild profanity/crude humor.



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