Activision has announced that microtransactions are coming to Black Ops III. The Call of Duty Points system will be implemented for the first time.

Points are a virtual currency that can be purchased with real money, and allow players to secure additional Supply Drops in multiplayer and Vials of Liquid Divinium in zombies mode, as well as additional in-game content (like the Extra Slots pack).

Otherwise, you can still get Vials of Liquid Divinium by playing Shadows of Evil or The Giant Bonus Map. Divinium can be used to create Gobblegums in Dr. Monty’s Factory, which could make or break your fight against the zombie hordes. Items in Supply Drops and Gobblegums will be the same whether they’re purchased with Call of Duty Points or unlocked with Cryptokeys or Vials of Liquid Divinium.

For a short time, playing Call of Duty Black Ops III will grant a one-time reward of 200 Call of Duty Points. The Points system will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, but not to PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360.

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