If you want to play Destiny but you don’t want to do the grunt work, there’s a solution. Now Destiny players in the U.K. and North America can buy a level boost pack to jet up to level 25 fast.

The level pack is available for all three classes. It costs $29.99 USD.

The description in the Xbox Live Marketplace says the item will bring the character to level 25, as well as provide a subclass boost and weapon telemetries. Telemetries are available for every type of weapon, but there’s no clarification on how many are included in the purchase.

Thirty bucks is a pretty steep price to pay to essentially skip content, but it also lets new players get into the guts of The Taken King expansion, which was released in September. A similar (but free) boost was given out to players when The Taken King was released.

On the other hand, as Eurogamer points out, level 25 is still pretty far from the level cap of 40 and it leaves a lot for the player to explore on their own.

Destiny is notorious for its level grinding, but with The Taken King developer Bungie has taken measures to improve the game’s progression. I’m not sure giving players the option to skip a big chunk of the game counts towards that goal, but hey! You can now buy this thing if that’s something you want.

Currently Destiny is running a 3-week Sparrow Racing League for Taken King players. If you are a veteran Destiny player, you can invite friends to the game and get access to a special questline called “Tale of Two Guardians,” thanks to Destiny’s Refer-A-Friend program. Along with the quest comes some custom emotes, including a pair dance.

Destiny is a popular first-person shooter with a science-fiction theme. It was released in 2014 and has issued a couple of expansion packs, House of Wolves and The Taken King. It’s rated T for Teen.

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