According to the NBA 2K16 game, the Golden State Warriors’ win streak is coming to an end.

Yes, NBA 2K16’s simulation says the Golden State Warriors will lose to the Indiana Pacers today 103-99. So far the Golden State Warriors have had a 23-game winning streak.

The game started at 4 p.m. today. As of about 5 p.m., in the second quarter, the Warriors are ahead by 20 points, so it’s not looking all that good for the NBA 2K16 prediction at the moment.

The simulation predicts that the Warriors will lose after getting fewer rebounds and scoring less points in the key. Even if the simulation’s predictions come true, the Warriors have set a record for best NBA start for this season.

NBA 2K16 may not be a perfect predictor of real-life basketball, but it is a great video game. It has great graphics and realistic moment-to-moment gameplay. There are several game modes that let you create your own team, set up a career as a basketball player, and play online with friends or in online pickup games.

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