This is probably the best thing that Bungie has ever done. They’re adding a Sparrow Racing League that will run from December 8 until December 29.

Guardians will participate in 6 vs 6 races through dangerous territory and moving obstacles.

“Players put their sparrow skills to the ultimate test against five other Guardians and the tracks themselves,” a press release said, “Sparrow Racing will challenge players in ways they have yet to experience in the world of Destiny.”

There will also be a limited time exclusive quest during the three-week event, plus a new set of gear.

If all goes well, Bungie may decide to keep the Sparrow Racing League as part of the game. It seems like a great choice, as currently the only use for Sparrows is to travel from one location to another. The speedy, maneuverable vehicles are really fun to drive, and racing seems like a no-brainer.

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