Available On: 3DS, 2DS

Little Battlers eXperience is an engaging Nintendo 3DS title based on a Nicktoons cartoon of the same name. But you don’t have to worry about being familiar with the show before picking up the game. Epic, anime-quality cut scenes and plenty of dialogue catch you up quickly on the story of LBX.

In the not-too-distant future, small robots called LBX are used to play in one-on-one and group battles. You are Van Yamano, a boy who finds himself in the middle of an adventure when a stranger entrusts him with a one-of-a-kind LBX.

Little Battlers eXperience combines very familiar elements of Japanese role-playing games like combat and item collection to finely customize your tiny robot. You will wander through various parts of town to talk to NPCs, find challengers to battle, and buy and sell parts to make your palm-sized robot like no other. It’s easy to get caught up in hunting down weapons and special attacks that affect each part of a robot’s body. You can even find passwords for new parts hidden in the real world on the official game website and through downloadable content.

After just a few minutes of playing it’s apparent that this is a robust and meticulously planned game and combat system, but it’s not too complex for you and your kids to grasp.When battling, the game puts your LBX into real-time action. Combat moves are simple enough, with a block button and attack and jump buttons. Special moves are also at your LBX’s disposal. The moves may be simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy, and you might find yourself losing more than one battle before you get the hang of it.

Little Battlers eXperience may be daunting to a new player who hasn’t really played this type of gotta-collect-em-all game before. There are plenty of tutorials available to help new and younger players, but it takes a lot of reading and sifting through the information.

If you and your kids are fans of the show, or enjoy similar games like Pokémon, you might enjoy giving Little Battlers eXperience a try.

Nicole Tanner

Nicole Tanner

Nicole has been playing games her entire life. Now that she's a mom, she's passionate about promoting games as a healthy pastime to other parents around the globe. She has been an editor at IGN, where she launched and hosted the Girlfight podcast. In her spare time (which is not very much, honestly) she enjoys gaming, reading, and writing fiction. Most of the time she’s a mom to a crazy, intelligent, and exhausting little girl.