If you can convince your friends to play Destiny, you’ll get all sorts of cool prizes, like exclusive emotes, shaders, and weapons.

Bungie emphasizes this point through the most beautiful music video you’ll ever see: the tale of two space-hopping friends, shooting and dancing their way through the galaxy. It brings a tear to my old eyes.

Destiny Exclusive Shader

An exclusive Shader is accessible through the Tale of Two Guardians.

So, to recap. If you’ve been playing The Taken King since before November 17 and you’ve got a buddy who hasn’t played ever, or who has played less than a week, you can “refer” them through Bungie.net.

On your Bungie profile you’ll find the new “Refer a Friend” tab. From there, Veterans can click “Invite a Friend Today.”

Yep, if you’ve been playing since before November 17, you are now a “Veteran.” Rejoice in your elder status. As a Veteran, you can have up to four Pending, Accepted, or Linked Referees at one time. Referees, however, may only be linked to one Veteran, and you can only refer players on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. They must also be playing on the same system as you. Why? Because you get to go on a sweet quest together!

Destiny Tale of Two Guardians

Say hi to your Best Friend.

The exclusive Quest “A Tale of Two Guardians” will be available from the Speaker in the Tower once you and your Referee are linked.

There, you can earn exclusive rewards including the Elemental Infinite Edge, the EV-34 Vector Infinite Sparrow, the Infinite Link armor shader, the Sign of the Infinite emblem, the Duo Dance emote, and most importantly, the High Five emote.

Destiny Duo Dance Emote

You know this is the best thing you’ve ever seen.

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