According to the Mojang blog, some new skins are coming out today for Minecraft’s Pocket Edition and Windows 10 Beta Edition. This is in addition to a big update yesterday that added Redstone (a power system akin to electricity) and crop-eating bunnies.

The new skin pack will be biome-specific. “Over the past few weeks we’ve been working on a new type of skin pack, designed from the ground-up to fit with the world of Minecraft. Biome Settlers Pack 1 is the first in a series of packs to explore the idea…When designing these skins, we took inspiration from the different ways you play Minecraft, as well as the resources and mobs that exist in each biome.”

There are new skins for Forest, Tundra, and Desert environments, 24 in total. The pack costs $1.99, but you can try out of few of the skins for free.

The big update yesterday featured “a little thing” called Redstone. Redstone lets players create powered devices like rollercoaster and automated doors. While yesterday’s update includes a long list of Redstone-enabled items, like lamps, buttons, and TNT, future updates are planned to include even more. “It’s an exciting time for engineers,” said Mojang.

It’s also an exciting time for fans of cute bunnies. They were included in yesterday’s update, too, along with new desert temples with traps and more wooden doors (apparently players really like wooden doors). The bunnies will be able to eat crops. The doors will be controllable with Redstone.

There’s a full list of features and bug fixes on the blog, but other highlights include faster boats, as well as slimes and ghosts that spawn.

Microsoft bought Minecraft in 2014 for $2.5 billion.




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