There’s already downloadable content coming out for Rock Band 4, and it’s ’80s-tastic.

Rock Band 4 owners will be able to purchase songs by Depeche Mode, Naked Eyes, and INXS from Rock Band’s Music Store. Each song costs $1.99.

If you previously owned a Rock Band game you can import your old songs into Rock Band 4. The game’s full track list is on their website.

Mad Catz, the company that makes all the equipment for Rock Band 4, announced that the new Rock Band 4 USB microphone will be available this holiday season. This is a studio-quality microphone that hooks into your console with a 15-foot USB cable. Mad Catz promises a “wide dynamic range and high signal to noise ratio” for the microphone, so that singers’ voices can be heard clearly.

Rock Band 4 allows harmonizing for up to three singers, so yeah, you better bring your A-game. The microphone is $29.99 and you can learn more about it or pre-order it here.

The Rock Band series lets players live out their musician fantasies. With plastic instruments as controllers, players hit buttons in time with the tracks shown on the screen to clear a song.

Our reviewer Andrew Hayward says that Rock Band 4 is still a blast, and it’s definitely a great family game if you can afford to make noise. Players can each join in at their own skill level and choose the instrument that suits them best. Old Rock Band equipment is compatible with Rock Band 4, with an adapter.

A new freestyle mode for lead guitar was added, in which your guitarist can whip out an improv solo that won’t be scored by the game. And most importantly, it has songs by U2.

Rock Band 4 came out on October 6 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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