We already knew that the Star Wars Battlefront beta had the highest participation in EA’s history. With 9.5 million total players, the beta broke some serious records.

Developer DICE has revealed that those 9 million people played 1.6 billion minutes of Battlefront. I did some math (thanks, Google!) and found out that adds up to roughly 168 minutes per player. That’s not a huge amount of time to spend in a game, all things considered, but DICE’s breakdown of the beta shows that 6 million people made it to rank 5, which was the beta’s level cap.

The advantage was the Empire’s in the beta, and Darth Vader spawned 5,938,148 times. Hero characters spawn when you find a power-up on the map, causing you to turn into that character for a limited time. Heroes include Leia Organa, Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine will both be included as villains in the final game.

For the duration of the beta, it was Vader vs. Skywalker, and to Luke’s credit he was spawned 5,904,806 times so he’s not that far behind dear old dad.

The most popular Star Cards used during the beta were the jump pack (which unlocked at rank 5), the thermal detonator, and the cycler rifle. Star Cards have limited use. They’re chosen before each match to customize the items and abilities your character has.

For more on the many large numbers DICE provided about the Star Wars Battlefront beta, click here.

Star Wars Battlefront is rated T for Teen and comes out on November 17 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It will have local and online co-op play, as well as competitive multiplayer. Players will be able to pilot all the classic Star Wars vehicles and choose a side in the war between the Empire and the Rebels.

The game mode “Walker Assault” is all about trying to take down Imperial Walkers. It’s based on the classic scene from Empire Strikes Back. You can read about the rest of Battlefront’s game modes here. And yes, some Walkers were endangered in the making of this game; 783,392 of them were destroyed during the beta.

The game is projected to sell more than 9 million copies.

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