Apparently the PlayStation Store has just added a new feature: a wishlist. It was added without much ado, and so far it seems like its primary use is to simply add games to the list.

The wishlist isn’t yet available for the console stores, so you’ll have to use your browser to put together your list. Presumably that will change, at some point. You can change the privacy settings, so theoretically at some point Friends may access your wishlist–useful for holiday shopping, or just snooping. You can also sort by things like date added and price.

I certainly like the idea, even if we’re not sure how PlayStation will be using the info. I have trouble keeping track of games I want to play after the release hype has passed, and I’ve missed this kind of functionality after moving from Steam to PlayStation as my primary gaming machine. Hopefully the wishlist won’t just be a convenient way for Sony to figure out what games to advertise to you, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.


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