Square Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers recently spoke with Game Informer about the possibility of using crowdfunding to help localize more projects. Despite interest from fans, a lot of games never go through the localization process due to the expenses involved.

“It’s a topic that comes up a lot, and we understand why it does,” Rogers said. “To a great extent, in a really positive way, we’re absolutely humbled that we have this loyal and dedicated fanbase that wants to give us the feedback. We’re constantly working with the teams in Tokyo to show them this and to work with them there. The simple truth is that in some ways the development process and the tools, it’s not always an easy undertaking to reopen a game and add localization subsequently.”

Rogers continued, “I’m really hoping that in the next 10 years, localization is seen as pleasing all our fans, because it’s truly global and the methods in which we can localize now are vastly improved.” He added that it isn’t as simple as putting a game through Google Translate.

While Square Enix doesn’t currently have any specific plans for crowdfunding localization efforts, it seems to be something the company is at least open to.

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