According to a couple of Tweets sent yesterday and today by Toys ‘R’ Us, Mega Yarn Yoshi is going to be another amiibo exclusive to that retailer.

The news isn’t official yet, but the Who’s That Pokémon-esque Tweet is pretty easy to figure out. See for yourself:

Underneath the header “Our exclusives!” there’s a shadowy outline that looks suspiciously Yoshi-shaped.

[UPDATE: It’s now official!]

Mega Yarn Yoshi was announced back in August as having all the same abilities as regular, tiny-sized Yarn Yoshi amiibos. This one’s just a little more huggable. Also a little more expensive. Mega Yarn Yoshi will cost $39.99 and is set to come out on November 15. Its tiny counterpart is slated for release on October 16—the same day as Yoshi’s Wooly World. Check out our sneak peek of that game right here.

The Mii Fighter amiibos up there are coming out on November 1, and will also be Toys ‘R’ Us exclusive. They come in a three pack and will cost $34.99.

It’s disappointing that so many amiibos are unique to individual retailers, but I suppose it’s all part of the new toys-to-life economy in which we live. There have always been collectors, and kids in particular have always been vulnerable to the collectable mindset (cough Beanie Babies cough). This might be a great time to talk with your kids about budgeting.

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