A custom-built amiibo modeled after Nintendo’s late president Satoru Iwata is currently being auctioned off for charity. Specifically, all proceeds are going to the Child’s Play Charity, a non-profit organization that brings toys, books, and video games to children’s hospitals worldwide.

The amiibo was designed and built by GandaKris, who creates and sells custom amiibos and Disney Infinity figurines. Most of her figurines go for $40–$70. So far, bidding for the Iwata amiibo has reached $1,575.

Iwata amiibo

This custom Iwata amiibo is a modified Mii Fighter amiibo.

“I knew shortly after completion I didnt have the heart to just sell it and ship it off like any other ‪#‎customamiibo,” GandaKris wrote on her Facebook page, “I wanted it to make a change even if it was a small impact. Satoru Iwata made a change throughout the gaming industry and he continues to do so.”

Satoru Iwata was one of the most universally beloved people in the gaming industry. As president of Nintendo, he saw the company through some of its best and worst years, always with an unflagging generosity and kindness. When he passed away in July, the outpouring of love in the gaming community was enormous.

While there has never been an official amiibo modeled after a real person, custom amiibos have been available online from artists since the toys first launched. Most of them are repainted versions of existing amiibos, but some of them involve tons of extra sculpting. The NFC tags in the base of the toys still function, so you can use them like regular amiibos. The custom amiibos below are all by GandaKris. Be sure to check out her Instagram page to see even more of her cool designs.

If you’re interested in bidding on the Iwata figurine, you can do that right here.

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