Nintendo recently announced—via Twitter—that they’re bringing back some of the rarest amiibos. Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Fox, Greninja, and Shulk will all be restocked “at select retailers soon,” says the tweet, but it’s not clear yet what retailers those are. When these specific amiibos were first released they were exclusive to particular retailers. Greninja and Lucario, for example, were only available at Toys ‘R Us the first time around.

Amiibo figurines are small, plastic toys that have built-in near-field communication (NFC) chips that allow them to interact with select Wii U games. Each figurine is a statuette measuring a couple of inches in height, with the character affixed to a black and gold circular base that houses the chip within. Individual characters are sold for $12.99 a piece in the United States.

This fall sees the release of a whole bunch of new figurines in the successful amiibo product line. September 11 a group of retro amiibos were released, including 8-bit Mario. More retro amiibos were released on September 25, with even more coming out in November.


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