Whenever there’s a new game in the legendary Final Fantasy series on the horizon, people get excited. And the upcoming Final Fantasy XV is no exception. Today at the Tokyo Game Show, developer Square Enix showed a new gameplay video and revealed some details about the characters King Regis and Luna, the feathered mount chocobo, and the new fishing system.  Square Enix also announced a new Final Fantasy game for mobile devices.

Final Fantasy XV will continue the story of crown prince Noctis, a sovereign caught in a war between his own kingdom (Lucis) and a neighboring enemy (Niflheim).  Today Square Enix provided a couple of new pieces of game lore: “In the Kingdom of Lucis, King Regis has maintained a protective barrier around the crown city by channeling the magical energy of the crystal, but the strain has taken a toll on his body. Aged and weakened, with the imperial might of Niflheim at his doorstep and his wall on the verge of collapse, the king finds himself, his beloved son, and his kingdom defenseless…Meanwhile, in Tenebrae, Luna’s sacred status as Oracle has elicited a degree of autonomy for the former kingdom, but she must still stand firm in the face of the imperial occupation. By her side stands the mysterious, black-haired Gentiana.”

We don’t know much about Niflheim yet, other than that it’s a powerful and menacing empire, but we’ve been promised new information about it at the end of the year.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for a 2016 release.

Final Fantasy Type-o Online is a game for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone that will be launched in Japan in 2016. Square Enix is not making any promises yet about making it available in North America or Europe but the title’s availability “is currently under consideration.”

Final Fantasy XV

Looks like there’s fishing, all right.


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