If you buy Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection you can get exclusive access to the multiplayer beta for the upcoming Uncharted: A Thief’s End. The beta runs December 4 through December 13.

Like most multiplayer features, the beta is accessible only to PlayStation Plus members.

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection comes out on October 9, while A Thief’s End will be released on March 18, 2016. It will, fittingly, be last game in the Uncharted series and bring the adventures of Nathan Drake to a close.

In previous games, Uncharted multiplayer included split-screen multiplayer, cooperative modes, and competitive online multiplayer. It’s not certain yet what gameplay will be tested during the December beta.

The Nathan Drake collection is an HD remastered collection of the first three Uncharted games. These follow the adventures of charming rogue Nathan Drake, a treasure hunter with a tendency to get into trouble. The second and third games in the series had multiplayer, as will the fourth game, but the multiplayer isn’t present in The Nathan Drake Collection. Instead, this version just focuses on the story.

Developer Naughty Dog is loading The Nathan Drake Collection up with goodies. It has all-new trophies, and in everywhere but America there’s a special edition of the game that incudes an artbook.

The Nathan Drake Collection is expected to be rated T, like the rest of the games in the series. With The Nathan Drake Collection coming to the PlayStation 4, the entire Uncharted series will be brought into the current generation of consoles.

Oh and hey, if you’re lusting after this collection but only have five dollars to your name, Taco Bell is starting a promotion where you can win a gold PlayStation 4 and The Nathan Drake Collection. Sick timing. I mean, hopefully not actually sick… you know what I mean.

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