Here we go. Amazon announced the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition today. This bundle will include the new model of the Amazon Fire TV, along with a game controller, and a 32 gb micro SD card. Shovel Knight and Disney’s Duck Tales are also included.

The entire bundle will cost $139.99. On its own, the new controller will cost $49, while the new Fire TV will cost $99.

“Today, we’re excited to expand gaming on Fire TV by providing a new option—Fire TV Gaming Edition—for customers and families who are looking for affordable and high-quality gaming,” said Peter Larsen, Vice President of Amazon Devices. He clarified some of the differences between this version of the Fire TV and the previous one. Reportedly the new Amazon Fire TV’s GPU performance will be two times greater. It will also have expandable microSD storage, up to 128 gb–this is in addition to the 32 gb microSD card that ships with the bundle. It supports 4K video, and streams video in 1080p from services like Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu.

The Fire TV will play games accessible in the Amazon marketplace, which Amazon says is “the largest selection of games on any streaming media player.”

This includes the aforementioned games, as well as games like Tales from the Borderlands, Batman Arkham Asylum, and Apple Design Award-winning Crossy Road, which is also coming to the new Apple TV.

The controller itself is a new model, featuring a headphone jack as well as a microphone and access to Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa. With Alexa, Fire TV users can use voice controls to find what they want to watch, as well as perform other search functions. The controller uses AA batteries and Amazon claims that without headphone use the controller could last up to 90 hours.

The Amazon Fire Gaming Edition can be pre-ordered on Amazon right nowThe controller by itself can also be pre-ordered today.

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