Looking to get into the Halloween spirit early and maybe win prizes?

Failbetter Games is doing a craft competition for Fallen London players, following a successful fan-art contest. “This time we will be accepting entries in cookery, costume or craft,” they write.

In the Fallen London lore, the holiday is called Hallowmas: “A time of revels, confessions and feasts, of harmless merriment—or something more sinister.”

Check out this Tumblr post to see the guidelines for entry. If you don’t use Tumblr, you can email your masterpiece to them directly.

Fallen London Failbetter Games


Winners get a piece of the new Fallen London or Sunless Sea merchandise. Plus, a piece of limited edition Fallen London Exceptional Hat jewelry. They also get a lot of in-game currency, and a copy of the roguelike sailing game Sunless Sea, plus the soundtrack. So what are we thinking? I’m lusting pretty hard after the Sunless Sea iPhone cases, but I would also love to publicly declare my Velocipede Squad allegiance.

Fallen London is a browser-based text game, though it’s coming to iOS later this year. It takes place in an alternate-history Victorian London that has been subsumed under the earth where humans share the streets with devils and all manner of strange creatures. It’s hard to describe the story because it’s incredibly sprawling and all player-driven. There are thousands of “storylets” you can follow and lots of secrets to discover.

It’s a free-to-play game with optional purchases for ambitious players (or Exceptional Friends), and if you haven’t checked it out yet I heartily recommend it.

So what will your Hallowmas creations be? Things with teeth where teeth shouldn’t be? A ballgown made of spider leg hairs? Delicious, rubbery meals definitely containing no Rubbery Men? You have until November 9 to submit your creations, so get cracking!

Have fun, and happy Hallowmas!

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