Final Fantasy V, originally released back in 1992, is finally coming to PC via Steam. It will be available September 24, though players who pre-order the game between now and then will get a 10% discount through Steam.

Final Fantasy V will get some new upgrades, including enhanced graphics. Kazuko Shibuya, character designer, will be recreating the characters adn graphics from the Game Boy Advance version of the game. There are also updated controls and a better, more fluid battle system; a job and ability system featuring 26 unique classes that will allow players to customize their heroes; an additional dungeon called the Sealed Temple, which was oringally featured in the 2006 version of Final Fantasy V for Game Boy Advance; and Enuo, an optional new boss created by renowned veteran designer Tetsuya Nomura. And of course, since it’s on Steam, there will also be collectible Steam trading cards and achievements.

Final Fantasy V tells the story of four heroes who must embark on a journey to restore life to the world’s four elemental crystals. You do not have to play any other Final Fantasy games preceding or subsequent to Final Fantasy V, since each Final Fantasy game has a stand-alone story and setting.

final fantasy v

Final Fantasy V uses turn-based combat, like the other Final Fantasy games.


Final Fantasy V for PC will be available September 24 on Steam.

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