Ubisoft is creating a theme park based on its franchises, set to open in Malaysia in 2020.

Personally, I hope they’re going to have a permanent installation of the Assassin’s Creed obstacle course that I missed out on at San Diego Comic-Con. The theme park will be 10,000 square feet, and is being developed by Ubisoft Motion Pictures, along with RSG, a Malaysian theme park developer. An all-indoor complex, it will have “rides, shows, and other attractions,” according to a post on Ubisoft’s blog.

“Ubisoft’s intention for this park is to immerse people in reactive worlds where they can interact with each other and become the heroes of their own life-sized game,” said Jean de Rivières, the senior vice president of Ubisoft Motion Pictures.

That sounds pretty pro-obstacle course to me. Ubisoft has already dipped its toes in the theme park sphere, creating a Rabbids attraction (link plays sound) for Futuroscope in France. It won a European Star Award for its innovation.

Ubisoft fans in the west might be sad that the theme park isn’t here, but shouldn’t underestimate Malaysia.

“Malaysia is the second-most-visited country in Asia,” according to the World Tourism Organization, said Rivières. “There is room for multiple projects to take root in the region and a growing middle class with an increasing income and appetite for entertainment.”

So what can we expect to see at the Ubisoft theme park?

Just Dance is definitely a theme-park friendly game, and I have no doubt it will be present. Assassin’s Creed is getting a high-profile film adaptation with Michael Fassbender, making it assured that there will be some Assassin’s Creed attractions present. Ubisoft’s other big-budget games tend to be shooting-focused, like the Rainbow Six series and Far Cry. I also bet there will be a driving attraction based on The Crew.

Ubisoft’s project isn’t the first video game theme park to be announced this year, as Nintendo and Universal Studios are also working together to create Nintendo attractions in Florida.

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