QuakeCon 2016 Coming to Dallas Next August

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QuakeCon attendees wear Fallout 4 masks

QuakeCon, the annual Bethesda-themed convention, will be taking place next August 4–7 at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas.

This is the 21st QuakeCon; the convention started its run in 1996. This year’s convention welcomed more than 12,000 attendees, its biggest turnout to date.

“The event is a true ‘grassroots’ organization; founded by only a group of fans and volunteers 20 years ago,” Tim Willits, id Software’s studio director, said in Bethesda’s blog post. “The event is still supported by fans of id Software/Bethesda and largely staffed by volunteers today. The event has grown and matured over the last 20 years but what has always remained the same is the spirit of community gaming; people coming together to play their favorite games with friends and family. I have had the privilege of attending every QuakeCon, and what I enjoy the most is seeing all the great people that make this such a wonderful event year after year.”

The convention will host tournaments, exclusive panels, and chances to play Bethesda’s latest games (recently, Fallout 4 and the DOOM reboot).

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