Hey Pixelkiners, PAX Prime is coming up this weekend. But first, all the bad news from last week. A possible shooting was thankfully averted at the Pokemon World Championships in Boston. Two men were arrested with a trunk full of weapons, after making threats on social media. It’s unclear why they targeted the Pokemon World Championships, but the tournament carried on as planned. Winners were announced on Sunday.

Rovio, the company behind Angry Birds, is cutting a hefty 260 jobs after the launch of Angry Birds 2. The restructuring will certainly accomplish the goal of making it a leaner company, but that’s no consolation for the employees losing their jobs. This comes after Rovio experienced a 73% loss of profits in 2014.

GTFO is a documentary film about women in the game industry. It started as a tale of harassment, but grew into an incredible film about a variety of experiences of women in gaming, both positive and negative. You can buy the film now on iTunes, Vimeo, and a number of other services. Learn more here.

YouTube just launched a special gaming hub called YouTube Gaming where you can easily curate your favorite channels and find coverage of your favorite games. There are pages for over 25,000 games—makes sense, since there are probably billions of hours of gaming footage on YouTube. They are also introducing a livestreaming feature that makes it seem like YouTube is gearing up to compete with Twitch, and cement its spot as the number one gaming community on the Internet. Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nintendo is releasing a Mega Yarn Yoshi amiibo, to melt our hearts and make lots of money off us. Darn you, Nintendo, I want him. The Pixelkin crew will be at PAX Prime this weekend, so look out for our coverage of all the new games. You can find all our coverage of PAX Prime 2015 here, and it’ll be updating a lot so keep an eye on it. See you at the con!

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