It just got way easier to find gaming content on YouTube.

YouTube Gaming is the hub for all gaming-related videos and channels. It automatically curates videos about games as well as live-streams. Users can import their own gaming subscriptions so they can have quick access to those pages. Updates will display at the top of your YouTube Gaming homepage.

And if you have a game-related YouTube channel yourself, you might find that YouTube has automatically created a page for you! Our Pixelkin page looks like this. It features all of our playlists (even ones for other channels). YouTube Gaming uses tags to figure out what game each video is associated with, and links it to the page for that game.

You can add game subscriptions on the left side of your YouTube Gaming homepage. Those games are then quickly accessible from the left sidebar. YouTube has pages for over 25,000 games so…you have a lot of choose from. Your channel subscriptions are accessible from the bar on the right.

My Games YouTube Gaming

Below all this, you’ll find games that are being streamed live right now. YouTube also allows users to go online with games that they’re playing directly from this page. The live streaming feature is still in beta, but it boasts a 60-frames-per-second frame rate, DVR playback options, and HTML5 compatibility. The DVR playback means that your viewers can pause and rewind the stream to catch anything they missed.

YouTube is home to tons of prolific Lets Players and other gaming channels. People reportedly spend billions of hours every month watching gaming videos on YouTube. Pewdiepie, the top Lets Player in the world, has 38-million subscribers and makes a cool $7 million a year for his work. Since YouTube is one of the top places that video game footage and fandom is shared, it’s great that they’ve made it this much easier to build a community around video games.

YouTube Gaming has its own app, available on Android and on iOS.

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