The International Serious Play Awards winners were announced this Sunday. The awards honor games that deliver a high quality of engagement and measurable learning opportunities.

It’s all put together by the Serious Play Conference, which is now in its fifth year. The conference describes itself as providing “…a forum for visionary educators, chief learning officers and heads of training programs in health care, government and the military a chance to learn how to improve the effectiveness of their serious games programs.” At the conference experts talk about the latest assessment strategies. Attendees get a view into various types of serious-games sectors. Game designers share knowledge.  The focus is on “exploring the opportunities, challenges and potential of these ‘serious’ games.”

The International Serious Play awards winners are:

Gold Medal

Water Bears, Schell Games (Education K-12, Systems Thinking)

The World of Lexica, Amplify and Schell Games (Education K-12, Literacy)

Twelve a Dozen, Bossa Studios and Amplify (Education K-12, Math)

Mission US: City of Immigrants, THIRTEEN/WNET New York Public Media and Electric Funstuff (Education K-12, History)

HabiTactics, Zachtronics (Education K-12, Science)

PlatinuMath, Triad Interactive Media, Inc. (Higher Education)

Unsavory, Clay Ewing, NERDLab, University of Miami (Games for Good)

USC Standard Patient, BreakAway Games and USC Institute for Creative Technology (Healthcare)

Together Strong, Kognito (Healthcare)

Rugged Rovers, Preloaded, Science Museum (Museums and Visitor Centers)

Extreme Event, Intuitive Company, Koshland Science Museum (Museums and Visitor Centers)

CYCLES Carnivale, CYCLES team and IARPA – via the Air Force Research Laboratory (Military)

Combat Medic, ARL STTC and Virtual Heroes (Military)

Jayu (Freedom), Fear and Freedom, Carnegie Mellon University (Games for Good, Student)

Sanitarium, Radication Games, Abertay University (Healthcare, Student)

Decisions That Matter, Carnegie Mellon University: Entertainment Technology Center (Games for Good, Student)

SuperBreathers, Carnegie Mellon University: Entertainment Technology Center (Healthcare, Student)

Silver Medal

The Foos, codeSpark, Inc. (Education K-12, Science)

LogicCity Jr., Minds On Play LLC (Education K-12, Systems Thinking)

Backyard Engineers, Filament Games (Education K-12, Science)

MasterSwords, Asymmetric Publications and Amplify (Education K-12, Literacy)

Meister Cody – Talasia, Kaasa Health (Education K-12, Math)

Toolwire Writing Games, Toolwire (Higher Education)

Discover Languages, Rosetta Stone Ltd. (Higher Education)

Earth Girl 2: Preparing for the Tsunami, Earth Observatory of Singapore (Games for Good)

Dex: Your Virtual Pet, Georgia Regents University (Healthcare)

Virtual Medical Internship, Toolwire (Healthcare)

Red Robin’s Guest Central, SweetRush Inc. and Red Robin (Corporate)

Bronze Medal

Martha Madison, Second Avenue Learning, (Education K-12, Science)

After the Storm, Classroom, Inc. and FableVision Studios (Education K-12, Literacy)

Magnum Pi, FlipSwitch (Education K-12, Math)

Coach4Life, Little Chicken Game Company and the Center for Applied Games (Healthcare)

Drexel Forensic Healthcare Simulations, Drexel University & Tata Interactive Systems (Healthcare)

Rampart, BreakAway Games (Healthcare)

Residential Wiring Mastery, Interplay Learning, Cengage Learning (Corporate)

Organizational Behavior Simulation: Judgement in a Crisis, Harvard Business Publishing (Corporate)

The Revenue Management Challenge, Knowledge Management, IDeaS: A SAS Company (Corporate)

girl, i see right thru you, DigiPen Institute of Technology (Games for Good, Student)

Temporality, University of Southern California (Museum, Student)

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