Xbox announced its Games with Gold free games for August for Xbox Live subscribers. That’s two games for Xbox One and two for Xbox 360.Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($19.99 ERP) Available from August 1–31 on Xbox One

How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition ($19.99 ERP) Available from August 16–September 15 on Xbox One

Metro 2033 ($19.99 ERP) Available from August 1–15 on Xbox 360

Metro: Last Light ($19.99 ERP) Available from August 16–31 on Xbox 360

The way Xbox 360’s Games with Gold program works is that you get one free game in the first half of the month and a different game in the second—one free game every two weeks, essentially. Xbox 360’s free games will be yours forever if you manage to snag them during the free period. Conversely, Xbox One’s free games will only be available if you maintain your Xbox Live Gold account. If you cancel the premium plan, you’ll lose all the games you grabbed for free.

Xbox Live Gold is a subscription service that enables users to play against other people in multiplayer games, as well as download free games and receive other game discounts.

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