Nintendo has introduced a few big changes to the Miiverse todayThe Miiverse is the social component of the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. It lets you connect online with other players, share pictures, comment, and more. Here’s what’s included in this Miiverse update.


You can save up to 100 in-game screenshots to a private album. The pictures will be categorized by game. You can take screenshots by pressing the Home button during a game.

Play Journal

The Play Journal is replacing the activity feed. Rather than making posts to your activity feed, you can write entries and add photos to your Play Journal. You can do this during a game simply by opening the Miiverse.

Community Redesign

Miiverse Update Look

Navigation will be made easier, with each game community dividied into three sections. Play Journal entries will form one of the sections, so you can read your friends’ Journal entries or entries for a specific game.

Drawings, always a popular part of the Miiverse, will have their own section. Finally, there will be a discussion section where users can talk about games. Tagging posts increases their likelihood of being seen.

After this update, users will be able to post 30 times a day, not including any in-game posts they might make.

The update has a clean, colorful look. It should make participating in the Miiverse an even better experience. The emphasis on user commentary and user-created content is a really nice touch. Drawings especially are a great part of the Miiverse; they can range from adorable childish doodles to high art. You can see some of the best (and worst) Splatoon doodles on this tumblr.

This Miiverse update seems to be part of Nintendo’s housecleaning in preparation for their debut on smart phones, as well as a potential new console (currently called the Nintendo NX). Previously, Nintendo halted Club Nintendo in favor of a new loyalty program, and just this week announced that Nintendo TVii will be shutting down in August.

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