It’s been a couple months since Fallout Shelter’s release on iOS. Soon Android users, who have been left out of the Fallout Shelter phenomenon, can enjoy the free app, too. Fallout Shelter Android comes out on August 13.

Fallout Shelter, which was announced during this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, is the first mobile game related to the Fallout universe. Fallout is a popular game series that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. In it, society seems to have stuck in the 1950s because, well, that’s when society kind of stopped.

In Fallout Shelter you run an underground nuclear shelter called a Vault. Your Vault is full of survivors. You need certain resources to keep the Vault functional: food, water, and electricity. You put your shelter dwellers to work to produce these things. And you gradually expand your shelter to house more dwellers.

It’s an amusing and addictive little game. Your dwellers have different stats and will thrive in certain occupations. I’ve got all my strong dwellers creating electricity for me, for example. If you send dwellers out into the nuclear wasteland to explore they’ll come back with weapons and armor. Which comes in handy when you suffer occasional infestations of radroaches and bandits that are after your resources.

The same day as Fallout Shelter’s release on Android, both versions will get a major update. A new robot called Mr. Handy will be able to go out into the Waste and collect resources for you. Great news for my strongest dweller, Matthew, who has suffered enough in his short virtual life. There will also be new dangers added to the game, including molerat infestations and Deathclaw invasions. The Deathclaw is a familiar and horrible enemy from the Fallout universe. I look forward to the inevitable carnage it will cause in my Vault.

Fallout Shelter is rated 12+ on the iTunes store for suggestive themes, mild substance use references, and cartoon violence.

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