Between today and July 20, BioWare is holding an Untold Relics of Thedas contest. All you need to do is design an interesting new accessory!Vivienne Dragon Age: Inquisition is most definitely an M-rated game, but even if you’re not ready for your kids to pick it up, they might get a kick out of helping you with this design contest. I know when my brother and I were little we spent hours forging new game items out of paper and crayon and sticks, imbuing them with magical properties and epic names. Participants simply have to craft an idea for an interesting new Dragon Age: Inquisition accessory using the ability list provided.

Your accessory doesn’t necessarily have to be a weapon or shield—there are also magical rings, amulets, armor pieces, and headgear. (Headgear may take the form of a traditional helm or might look something like Maleficent’s horns, or—my favorite—there’s even a flower crown in there somewhere.)

Many of these items have pretty intense descriptions in the game, as well. Some have entire histories attached—who  used them, what they were famous for, how they fell in battle. Others are completely silly, like the Wedge of Destiny.

The Wedge of Destiny.

The Wedge of Destiny.

As for the contest, BioWare writes: “Whatever your motivation, we want you to create a new accessory for Dragon Age: Inquisition, along with an interesting name and backstory for it. Make it funny, make it mysterious, make it sad, but above all else, make sure it affects gameplay in an interesting and unique way. Whether it’s high risk/high reward or encourages nonstandard min-maxing, we want items that will get your fellow Inquisitors thinking about how they play in new ways.”

You can submit your ideas to—the full rules can be found here. Be sure to include your name, email, and date of birth. Three winners will be chosen from the submissions and announced toward the end of July. Entries will be judged for creativity, originality, appropriateness to the topic, and how they would impact gameplay.

The prize? Your item might be included in new Dragon Age DLC, and winners will also receive a Dragon Age: Inquisition prize pack.

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