The new Disney Infinity 3.0 is coming out sooner than we expected! The release date is set for August 30.

The regular Starter Pack is $64.99. It’s called Twilight of the Republic, and it includes Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano (from the Clone Wars TV series), as well as the Twilight of the Republic Play Set.

Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0

There are some other cool add-ons that you can get if you’re looking for more than the basics. These include:

  • Star Wars Rebels figures (Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, and Zeb Orrelios)
  • The Inside Out Play Set with Joy and Anger
  • Standalone Inside Out figures: Sadness, Disgust, and Fear
  • Mickey, Minnie, Mulan, Olaf, Sam Flynn, and Quorra
  • Tomorrowland Power Disc Pack

There’s also the Star Wars Saga Starter Pack. This one will run you a higher price—$114.99. As of launch, it will be exclusive to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. It’s expected to be made available for other systems after Sony’s exclusivity runs out.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Twilight of the Republic Stater Pack (Anakin, Ahsoka, and their Play Set)
  • Rise Against the Empire Starter Pack (Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and their Play Set)
  • Exclusive Boba Fett figure

Boba Fett Disney Infinity Star Wars 3.0

Figures bought separately at retail price will be $13.99. If you buy Play Sets outside of the Starter Pack, they’ll run you $34.99, and Power Disc sets are $9.99. Of course, the Starter Packs come with the game itself, so remember that before you start trying to finagle your budget into something reasonable.

Toy Box Takeover Disney Infinity 3.0Fans who pre-order one of the Starter Packs will also get a Toy Box expansion called Toy Box Takeover. This will usually cost $19.99. Toy Box Takeover is an action adventure game that uses characters from all the Disney Infinity franchises (to date: Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, and Pixar). Another Toy Box game, called Toy Box Speedway, will be released this fall. That one is a cart-racing game with tracks themed after places featured in Disney films (including Star Wars and Marvel films).

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