This weekend at Minecon, the first annual Minecraft convention, Mojang unveiled a load of new features for the game.

First, a dual-wielding feature, new shields, and enchanted arrows. It’s not all about combat, though. Dual-wielding, for instance, could be extremely useful for players who can now navigate dark corridors with a torch and a pickaxe while they carve out tunnels or mine for deposits.

The game will also see an upgrade to the End—the Enderealm, to some players. This is literally the end of the Minecraft world, which, while massively expansive, can be crossed. There’s a dragon that lives in the End and everything. The update will see the End expanding to a full area instead of just one island, with lots more to find and explore.

In addition, the Pocket Edition version of Minecraft will get some big upgrades. These will include things like dynamic weather, hunger and XP bars, conroller support, and more.


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