At Minecon 2015 this weekend, the annual Minecraft convention, it was announced that Telltale Games is making a game for Minecraft.The game centers on a group of friends—some still in braces—led by Jesse (voiced by Patton Oswalt). Though illustrated in Minecraft’s blocky, low-res graphics, the protagonists seem to be taking on a fairly serious quest. It all involves a sword, a legendary Order, and possibly a dragon. Telltale mentioned that the story was inspired by Ghost Busters and the Goonies. Actors Corey Feldman and Martha Plimpton of Goonies fame have voice roles in the game, along with a bunch of other great voice actors.

You might be tempted to ask why Minecraft is adding a story mode. Minecraft isn’t known for its story. In fact, the sandbox block-building game doesn’t have a plot or characters at all (though some of their human models do have names). Instead, players craft their own stories and settings or mimic existing ones. (Like LEGO blocks, Minecraft allows for a great deal of creativity, but there is no narrative structure. Playing Minecraft is like playing in a sandbox.)

Conversely, Telltale is known for its incredible decision-based storytelling. Telltale has spin-off projects with the Walking Dead television show and comic franchise, Game of Thrones television and novel series, the Borderlands first-person shooter games, and The Wolf Among Us—a retelling of the Fables comics. All have met with pretty broad approval. I am a particular fan.

Telltale and Minecraft could be a match made in heaven, but it’s definitely a new direction for both.

I’m biased, but I expect this story mode to do two things. It should offer a great interactive adventure tale for diehard Minecraft fans to enjoy. And it should allow new fans—story lovers like me—to get invested in the Minecraft world.


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