Kids don’t generally have a good sense of time. What feels like foreeeever might only be a few seconds. We’re supposed continue toothbrushing for a good minute or two, paying equal attention to each area, but who really does that? Some kids just hate brushing in general, and it can be terrible for their health if they skip the process.

I’m not convinced we really need a Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush and a mobile game to help us brush our teeth, but it could be a lot of fun for kids—and healthy to boot. Grush is a startup that aims to promote more enthusiastic dental hygiene through gaming. Kids can attach a smartphone to a bathroom mirror with a holder (the holder comes with the brush). Then they’ll choose from several different games that will guide them through correct toothbrushing technique.

Grush is available for order now at $59—not cheap, but about the rate of a high-quality electric toothbrush. The replaceable brush heads will be $5 every three months or so. If you decide to try gaming the toothbrushing training with your kids, let us know what you think!

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