Hello everyone! Candy Crush Saga will be on a Windows computer near you, once Windows 10 launches. Yep, for a limited time, Candy Crush Saga will come pre-installed on machines with Windows 10. Apparently it’ll have crossplay with iOS and Android devices, which means you don’t have to worry about losing all those hundreds of levels you’ve beaten.

Locations for the Nintendo World Championships have been announced! In case you haven’t heard, Nintendo is hosting the World Championships for the first time in 25 years! The finals will be during E3 on June 14th, but before that you can try to qualify at special events in Best Buy stores around the nation on May 30th. Find out where those locations are at the link here.

Queen Bees and Wannabes author Rosalind Wiseman has been doing some research on teens and video games. Interestingly enough, she found that 81% of boys wanted to see more female protagonists in games, and only 39% of boys really preferred to play as a male character, compared to the 60% of girls that want to play as female characters in games. Read more about the survey and how teens relate to video games at Pixelkin.org.

There is such a thing as too much gaming, and this week a dad related his story of gaming addiction, and how he overcame it—by playing with his daughter. This is a really touching story, and you can read it at Pixelkin.org, linked here.

Speaking of, well, us, we started a podcast! If you can’t get enough of my voice and would like to try my laugh as well, you should check out Gaming With The Moms. We’re in Itues and also at pixelkin.libsyn.com, where you can find our RSS feed. Every week we talk about gaming news a little more in-depth than I do here, and we have some great special guests lined up as well. Find the first episode linked here.

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