Hey Pixelkiners! Video game company Konami, which has been going through some growing pains lately, has stated that the future of video games is all in mobile. The interview was translated from Japanese by a NeoGAF forum member, so there’s no official English statement yet. Konami has a hefty pedigree, having produced the Silent Hill series as well as the Metal Gear Solid games—neither of which are exactly family-friendly. More on this as it develops.

Dr. Phil Zimbardo, who you might know better as the creator of the Stanford Prison Experiment, has taken a stance against games, saying that they’re responsible for a current crisis of masculinity. The thing is, he couldn’t exactly back up those claims, and Dr. Andrew Przybylski took it up with him in a debate on the BBC. Zimbardo seemed not to realize that games are a highly social experience these days, and he made correlations between mental health and video games that aren’t terribly accurate. You can watch the entire debate at Pixelkin.org.

Is the sound from your kid’s latest iPad game annoying the crap out of you? You might want to get some headphones. But there are tons of different kinds to choose from, and lots of different considerations—like size and budget. Keezy Young has a great breakdown of all the things to think about when buying headphones, and how to choose the safest kind for your kids. Check it out at Pixelkin.org.

Finally, go ahead and laugh at Meredith Bland’s latest piece where she admits that she thought the wireless mouse was a fad. As a mom, she realized that even if she’s not an early adopter, she has to be on top of the latest tech. Otherwise, how is she going to explain to her kids why they don’t need it? That article is linked here.

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