What did you do over spring break?

A bunch of Seattle families headed to the EMP museum for workshops and panels on game design, as well as some old-fashioned playing. Entry to the museum that week included two panels with working game developers and game design educators.

The Panels

The first was about the realities of working in the game industry, with advice n game design from game developers at HER Interactive, E-Line Media, and 17-Bit. The next day, attendees gathered to learn about getting started making games. The advice came from professionals at Roblox and Project Spark (both free game-making platforms), as well as from schools like Digipen and UW Bothell’s Digital Future Lab.

The Hands-On Game Design

Outside of panels, Roblox held an open session all day giving kids one-on-one advice on game design Digipen, the game design school in Redmond, was there too. They even brought along a digital talking dragon.

The Games

And of course there were the games. Indie Game Revolution is showing at the EMP right now, along with a bunch of great Nintendo games (like our favorite, Mario Kart 8!). There was always a Mario Kart Grand Prix going on on the big screen. My personal favorite game discovery was Tenya Wanya Teens, a ridiculous game with about 10 buttons, all of which kept changing function. Playing it was always a riot because you never knew quite what to expect.

We’ll be posting full videos of the panels here on Pixelkin, but for now check out our video recap of the whole event above!

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