LumiKids Beach is now available for iPad on the app store. The game is the second in a series of games to be released by Lumos Labs. The first app in the series, LumiKids Park, was released in December 2014 and has numerous rewards. We featured it our Ana’s Apps column in March.

Sunita Mohanty, director of LumiKids, said, “Our goal is to learn about harnessing the power of digital play and create a comprehensive curriculum that is enjoyable for early learners and trusted by parents, with each app in the series providing an opportunity to practice different cognitive, social-emotional, and motor skills.”

In LumiKids Beach, kids interact in a variety of ocean-related games and activities that are designed to help children develop skills. The games include helping crabs to build a sand castle, coloring fish, and using musical pitch to match up turtles. There are also a few simple interactions throughout the beach that include matching items to the correct person.

Lumikids beach

In one game, kids must click on sand buckets while not clicking on water balloons.

According to information in the Parent Corner of the app, the crab game is designed develop response inhibition. In the game, kids click on crabs holding sand buckets, while not clicking on crabs holding water balloons.

The coloring game is designed to develop fine motor and planning skills. In the game, kids use their fingers to color in fish. Once the fish is colored in, it begins to swim around. After that, the kid must avoid touching it while coloring in the other fish.

lumikids beach

In this game, kids must match turtles based on the pitch of their singing.

The turtle game is designed to develop auditory processing and memory skills. Kids click on turtles to hear them sing a note. Kids must then find the turtle who sings in the same note and drag the two together.

The simple interactions are designed to develop emotional response and visual matching. In these interactions, kids much match up items to people based on their wants. There are two people in each interaction and they will appear happy or sad based on whether kids give them the items they want.

LumiKids Beach, like its predecessor, is designed for iPad and is available for free (for a limited time—at least a month).



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