Released last week just in time for the opening day of major league baseball, MLB 15: The Show is a sports game that offers PlayStation people (PS4, PS3, and PS Vita) a heck of a lot of baseball simulation.

According to, if you have MLB 14: The Show, you’ll be able to pick right up with your progress in the 2015 version, and Sony is touting a big list of improvements to the gameplay.  Advancements like enhanced physics  will make catching and batting more realistic. You’ll have more control over hitting, with a new L-stick interface that lets you influence the ball in real time. You’ll also see “outfielders taking more realistic routes to the ball.”

In the PlayStation 4 version, you can expect the graphics to look more realistic, with improvements like better skin tones and better lighting and shadows, even for night games.

On all three platforms, General Manager Contracts are part of the game now, making it more fun and realistic to build a championship team. (Like the Seattle Mariners this year!)

Die-hard baseball fans are expected to appreciate the ability to unlock to 30 legendary players.

The ESRB rates MLB 15: The Show E for Everyone, with the usual caveat that online interactions are not rated. Parents might want to keep an ear out for the trash talk.

So far, critics are saying that MLB 15: The Show looks good, but doesn’t offer a spectacular upgrade to the player experience over MLB 14. The exception is that dedicated players of the franchise are likely to notice and appreciate the improvements.

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